Perfect Yorkshire Puddings | Jamie Oliver

It's Yorkshire Pudding Day! (who understood?) Break on and offer these a go, so basic but a great ability to master!

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Perfect Yorkshire Puddings | Jamie Oliver

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  1. I would prefer not have the music in the background. This doesn’t fit the videos.

  2. They look like profiteroles, such a unique recipe putting batter straight into oil

    1. Hot! Hot enough to make the oil smoke and about 20 min but just watch em and take them out when they’re golden and yummy looking.
      I turn oven up as high as it will go until the oil is really hot then turn it down to somewhere around 200-230C after the batter goes in. I only make them when we have a roast so i put the oil in when the roast is nearly done so the oven is already hot. By the time the gravy’s made, the meats rested and sliced and everything plated up the yorky’s nearly done.

  3. That looked so appetizing. I’m afraid of trying the oil trick but I really want to try this recipe. Is there any easier way? 😀

    1. @Ms. T Thank you. This is helpful. 🙂 Have you ever tried to reduce the oil

    2. @PinkSamurai Fairlady I find they stick if it’s a 1/2 tsp per tin. 1 tsp works really well and they don’t absorb the oil if you add the batter quickly while it’s piping hot! Good luck! Don’t get discouraged if they don’t puff up, they still taste great. Every now and then I still make a batch that does it turn out well. Lol

    3. You can also just use a regular baking dish and make one large one. Cut it into squares and fight over the crispy bits😉😁

    4. @python27au I have never tried that, thanks for the idea. I’m going to give it a try.

  4. Replace the oil with the drippings of whatever meat you cooked in the oven to compliment

  5. My last 3 attempts have been a complete failure, tasted ok but didn’t rise. I’ll go back to basics and start using this recipe I think, these look great.

    1. Mine failed a lot too at first. But the secret is to get the oil smoking hot then leave them alone until they’re golden.
      You can also do it the way my nan did and make one big one in a baking tray. The edges go all puffy and crispy but the middle stays flatish a bit like focaccia

  6. I’ve never had this before but suddenly it feels like my whole life needs to revolve around this one pudding

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