Perfect Roast Potatoes | #shorts #jamieoliver

Make ideal roast potatoes every time, crispy, fluffy and blend the flavours. Get stuck in.

Take a look at the full dish here:

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Perfect Roast Potatoes | #shorts #jamieoliver

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  1. Gw’aan, off you go! 😂😂😂

    I need a moment of MY own with those potatoes, too!

  2. Yes!!! Roasted smashed potatoes ..they are so good. Changed my whole way of doing roasted potatoes! I drizzle mine with rosemary infused olive oil and smoked paprika😋

  3. Are they potatoes, though? I mean, after the “authentic swedish” meatballs scandal, how can we be sure?

  4. How do you achieve that colour if your oven isnt new or fancy? I find older ovens dont give them that golden finish

  5. Actually prefer his three ways version where half way you add garlic and rosemary(in my case) dipped in vinegar and oil. They are heavenly….

  6. Moment alone with the potatoes not granted, I’m going to need some of those potatoes immediately

  7. آقای جیمی اولیور خیلی دنبال کانال شما گشتم

  8. Just to be sure, the potatoes should get covered in the oil right? It looks like you are just putting them on top of the oil :⁠-⁠)

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