No-potato Gnocchi | Gennaro Contaldo

He's Back! And this time with a gnocchi but not as you know it. Using just flour and water, Gennaro has actually created incredibly soft and tasty gnocchi – and it's so easy it's prepared in just minutes. Prepare it up with your own sauce, or follow Gennaro's full dish for a tasty tomato indulgence. You might even already have the active ingredients in your cupboard!

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No-potato Gnocchi | Gennaro Contaldo

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  1. My italian nonna made this kind of gnocchi, no potato, just flour, but she mix everything in the table and not in the pot.

  2. Haha, I do that too when I cook… talk to the food. I’ll try my best Gennaro Contaldo!

  3. So simply, so delicious, Gennaro makes cooking heavenly !” everyone can do it” ! 🥰

  4. Молодец, итальянцы всегда могут удивить!!!!

  5. love the subtle toxicity of cooked tomatoes in an old copper pan so little silver coating 🥰

  6. This man is amazing and like Jamie he makes food fun
    Whenever I’m bored with cooking the same thing ( stomach issue arthritis) I love watching them cook
    Helps inspire me Eve. Though I can’t eat a lot of it
    Thank You both and the team of course 👍👍

  7. I am so glad to see him back, he is quite the breath of fresh air!

  8. Always made them with potatoes, ok here I go MUST try it….oooh what a pity I didn’t have a fork I would have helped you eat it. Thank you for simple but yummy recipes AND didn’t know about leaving the chillie whole must try this too…have a wonderful day

  9. Loving his vibes and that excitement in and with in making the food.

    Thank you kindly Sir, i will be making your dish in Monday


  10. This video is fantastic! I’ve never made gnocchi before, but I’m definitely going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love your cooking area! This will be something to try for lunch stat! Thank you Gennaro ❤

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