Matty Makes Oven Baked BBQ Ribs| It’s Suppertime!

You don't need a 5-million heap cigarette smoker to make fall-off-the-bone , you just require an oven! With sides of slaw and , this rib will have you groaning for more!

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Matty Makes Oven Baked BBQ | It's Suppertime!

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. If you don’t want to measure out a gallon of ice cubes then buy a small bag of ice. They are usually 8 pounds, and 8 pounds of water is a gallon!

  2. I wish time and life had allowed me to get Matty and Justin Wilson on the same cooking show. Matty is obviously a great personality but he’s a real deal professional chef. Justin Wilson was a working class refinery safety engineer who happened to cook and was great at telling stories and jokes. I feel like they’d be an odd couple but great together, especially talking about French Canadian vs Cajun cuisine and stuff.

    1. My two absolute favorite chefs, no telling what they’d come up with. You’ve got great taste my friend.

    2. I think Matthy Matheson is the spiritual successor of Chef Justin Wilson 😉

  3. Damn Matty’s awesome 😎…we should all be so confident and talented…. oh boy I’ma hungry 🤪

  4. Your sauce and potato salad, seem legit. Sorry, I can not F**K with so called “BBQ” that’s baked or boiled. Love your shows man. Energy is on point.

  5. I’ve made some great ribs in the oven. Many times. I’m from the south and smoke BBQ a ton too. If you can’t grill then put them in the oven.

  6. I hope Matty Character in The Bear finally gets to cook in the next season 🙏🥹

  7. Whoa,those are going to be very sweet cornbread muffins. A cup of sugar? Goodness.

  8. “It doesn’t matter about smoking them for 24 hours.”
    Texas has left the chat.

  9. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to point out pink salt #1 or #2 just to be on the safe side.

  10. I’m going to try this, but use smoked sea salt and smoked paprika in the rub.

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