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In this video, view Chef prepare a tacky dip and a simple roasted onion dish that will satisfy the vegetable fan in all people. She utilizes a tasty southern variety of onion that takes its name from a town in Georgia, and it can only be can be called a Vidalia if it's grown in one of just 20 counties, so don't be tricked by any impersonators in the supermarket. Serve the dip with crackers or breadsticks, and use the tender roasted onion as a do-it-all side meal.

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00:00 Intro
00:13 What Is A Vidalia Onion?
1:07 Slicing Onions For Dip
1:27 Integrating Components
2:00 Baking Recommendations
2:24 How To Roast Whole Onions
2:41 Cooking Instructions
4:07 Roasted Onion Trial Run
4:40 Onion Dip Taste Test

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How to Prepare Vidalia Onions|Sweet Onions|'|

How to Cook Vidalia Onions | Sweet Onions | ' |

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Years and years ago when I purchased vidalia onions, they were so sweet and lovely. You could even bite into them like an apple (like you did)….ahhh wonderful. BUT over the years something has changed. I never seem to get a sweet vidalia any more and haven’t for years. I still buy them hoping I’ll get a good one, but they are bitey and burn my eyes and just don’t have that vidalia taste. With my ranting done I want to thank you for the recipes.

    1. I agree, they don’t taste like they used to. Something is amiss in Vidalia.

    2. I believe our taste buds change with age. I can’t eat spicy or hot foods anymore it just doesn’t taste like it did. Homegrown vegetables don’t taste like they did when I was a young man. Nothing seems to taste as well as it used to. I have a friend he says the government has done something to the seeds they sell the small farmers and growers and it’s affected not only taste but the yield because they don’t want us growing our own food.

  2. Oh my golly. I sure will cook/bake my Vidalia onion like this from now on. Thank you!

  3. If you can ever find them, you need to try Imperial sweet onions. From Imperial, California. They rarely make it out of the valley there. They are usually all bought up by the locals. I found them sweeter than Vidalias

  4. Have you ever tried hollowing out the middle of the onion and adding stuff into the middle? Basically a stuffed onion. When I make mine, I scoop out the middle, then add cheese, bacon, butter, salt, pepper, or whatever you want to add to it. Wrap it up in foil and cook on the grill or in the oven. Soooo good!

  5. So glad y’all came together in this video!! See, there truly IS enough room for everyone to do their thing!! And I can think of two better gals to share their souther expertise with the rest of us!!! Thanks ladies!!!💜 🥄 🥣 🍽 💜

  6. My aunt taught me to do this with onions, butter & season salt in the microwave! Of course, no foil was used. Was a FAVORITE snack!!! I’m thinking about throwing some on a campfire or pit fire now. 🥳😋 Thank you for bringing this back to life for me!

  7. I absolutely love Vidalia onions. Yum I Love them fried in butter so Tasty. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your videos, your grilled Vidalia is something I’ve been doing for many years but with a couple of added items you might enjoy. Jack Daniels and garlic salt and pepper. Yes, the small amount of booze is with the real butter, be sure to taste test the Jack Daniels for quality control …

  9. My father in Louisiana cuts them into thin slices batter and fry with seasonings- calls them Slivers and are a hit at every fried fish gathering.

  10. My Mom was raised up in the hills of West Virginia. I don’t know if they had Vidalia onions or not but she LOVED onions. When my Dad retired from the Air Force (after 20 years) they planted a garden. I can still remember my Mom picking an onion, washing if off, cutting it and eating it right there in the garden! We all of course thought that was pretty weird, but she loved them.

  11. I only cook with sweet onions. Here in TX, we get Texas Sweet onions. I guess it is a cousin to Vidalias. I don’t like raw onions of any kind, but these cooked I do use regularly in my recipes. I will have to try the foil packet. Looks good. I think a lot of people forget that an onion is a vegetable as much as it is an aromatic in cooking.

  12. Oh yum Vidalia my favorite! That dip looks great going to try that. Also, what about sprinkling Italian bread crumbs on that onion in aluminum foil? I love cooking with Vidalias in soups stews omelets. Less reflux than red onions too. Thanks ❤️

  13. This is the onion I used to get my daughter to like onions. She is hooked now😃

  14. I only cook with sweet onions as well. They are wonderful. I know some chefs say they’re not strong enough for some cooked dishes but I haven’t noticed that. I love the flavor and I love cutting up onions without eyes watering. I can find some type of sweet onion in the stores year round.

  15. Here in Texas we get 1015s, which are also deliciously sweet! But I have to say, I’m from Alabama originally and Mother always used Vidalia whenever she could!

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