How to cook steaks the traditional way

Chef Patrick Heuberger shows us steaks the traditional way – on a frying pan and on a grill pan. He utilized the Australian 200-days grain-fed ribeye in the first method and the US corn-fed in the second method. The complete composed can be found at.

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steaks the traditional way

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  1. I had no idea there were so many steak experts out there in the world. I’ve basically tried every different youtube tutorials on how to cook steaks, pretty minimal differences, use juice, don’t use juice, reverse sear, butter baste, salting beforehand. Only wrong thing is a well done steak haha

  2. I’ve made steaks exactly like this for years, like he did with the first two. I guess I got sick of going out in the cold to use the grill. I hardly use my grill anymore, unless I need more cooking space for parties. I found you need to turn the heat down a bit, and you can just cook it for about 3-4 mins a side, depending on thickness. I used to use a hotter pan, for 1.5 minutes a side, then finish in a 400 degree oven for 5 mins, but it’s extra cleaning. Just turn the heat of the pan down a little, to medium/medium-high then you don’t need to use the oven, and you get about the same result.

  3. Just tried the first way, pan fried and it was fabulous! Only thing I did different was I didn’t let all the juices drip out.

  4. love the way you handle the steak, “gently” with care and respect … well done

  5. I dont know why I swear, but the moment he started talking together with his simple expression, I became instantly really happy.

  6. I’m more impressed with how you made the vegetables float in the air for so long.

  7. Tempting and am ready to try it. I like the preparation and ingredients and a professional like Huber who makes look it easy. Am ready to try it. Thank You

  8. I did exactly what he said. My steak was almost burnt on the outside and super raw to bleeding on the inside. Don’t know what I did wrong.

  9. Smothered steak is the bomb! First it is seasoned, coated then fried. Choice of coating is usually flour. Some people use an egg batter. (optional)Make a thick gravy with fresh garlic,fresh chopped parsley, black pepper, sea salt and onions on the side. When the steak is done(the steak should be fully cooked to very tender) cooking totally immerse it into the gravy and let cool until the gravy gels and bonds to the steak. This is an amazing dish. When done right it is truly a gourmet experience. A dash of red pepper is optional.

  10. BRAVO!! Maestro!!
    I just ate the most delicious sirloin steak following your instructions. Thank You!

  11. Mates don’t make fun of his accent, at least he tries to learn English.

    1. He speaks English perfectly. Why are Americans so hang up on accents? Just because someone has an accent when speaking doesn’t mean that have problems speaking the language.

    2. @KittyWhiteCat NA do you usually go around and call people by their skin colour?

  12. Kept the video nice and short and explained everything with perfect details. Watched your video 20 minutes ago and now my steak is done. Thank you!

  13. His accent let me know he knew exactly what he was doing with this steak😋 I cooked it like this with a few tweaks this morning and it was AMAZING😋😋😋❤❤❤ Chef Patrick is the truth!!!👍👍❤❤

  14. FINALLY!
    After years of cooking and enjoying, finally able to prepare the perfect steak! Already tried your method (grill pan) and the results are delicious! Thanks!

  15. Both ways look very yummy, I think I would prefer the first one because the caranelisation

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