How to cook meat evenly | #TipoftheDay | #Shorts | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

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meat evenly | #TipoftheDay | # | Khazana

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  1. Yes but what heat level and how long on the griddle, given that this thigh piece has a bone inside?

    1. Please cook on medium high flame and depending on the weight, pierce a knife. If it comes out clean (without blood stains) it is done.

    2. Low level heat since u rightly said that it’s meat with bones… And cooking time will ne crucial bcos if u overcook .. Chicken becomes chewy.. Undercooked and chicken remains pink! On the inside.. So I wud suggest.. Make a deep cut after 6 mins of cooking each side.

    3. @Sheelan Chawathe 6 minutes on each side, low gas heat. I can try that.

      This YouTuber called Latiff’s Inspired does it under a gas grill compartment of his home oven. Worth a watch to understand safe cooking techniques.

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