Gordon Ramsay’s Soup Recipes | Part One

Here are some great soup dishes for you to attempt. Whether you want a roasted tomato soup or expensive something with a bit of a kick, like a spicy clam noodle soup – we have actually got you covered.

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's Soup | Part One

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  1. We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💖

  2. Ce potage de légumes à l’air délicieux merci pour la recette Chef Ramsay❤👍

  3. Roasted tomato soup! I had never tried that before. I am making this for sure!

  4. Hey gordy thanks for the soup recipes they will keep old vinceys belly warm during the cold months.

  5. Chef Gordon I’m not there but I can smell that and it smells good thank you for showing me how to do this I enjoy your shows I have 21 years of cooking that’s all

  6. Fresh, express good recipe chef, keep healty and god blessing you chef Ramsay

  7. I can highly recommend everyone to try the pumpkin soup themselves, it‘s amazing, not in this video unfortunately but in one of the Christmas videos

  8. Gracias gracias, un abrazo enorme, es un delicia todo lo que hace Chef 👏👏👏🙏🤗🥂🥂

  9. Poor Cheerios gently into styrofoam bowl. Honey Nut, beautiful.

    Cover ever so slightly with store brand milk. Lovely.

    Eat with dirty plastic spoon from last night’s takeaway. Absolute perfection!

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