Gordon Ramsay Dumbfounded Over Risotto | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

Ramsy check outs Jack's, where the does not set high hopes for .

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Gordon Dumbfounded Over Risotto | FULL EPISODE

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  1. What exactly was this guy thinking when he said he laughs at people who say his food makes them sick?

  2. Imagine someone LITERALLY telling you your food makes them sick and you just laugh it off 😭

  3. If they sold Gordon Ramseys self esteem in a bottle, he would be a billionaire and I would be pre ordering that with the quickness

    1. That’s because Gordon Ramsey could beat the brakes off of Scott and he knows it. Most people don’t know he’s a long time martial artist. Have you seen the video where the woman tried to slap him and he caught her hand without even flinching? Yep! Lol.

  4. “It’s one man’s opinion. Hahaha”

    “It’s a pretty successful opinion though.”

  5. @Gordon Ramsay, g’day from Australia. Love your cooking episodes, your dishes look so delicious. Love your shows too, I just wish you would make the Hotel Hell series you upload available to for us Australians to watch. It’s so disappointing to get notified that you have a new upload, just to find it has not been made able to be watched by my country. Tilly was great on Masterchef Australia last year.

  6. When will people learn that just because someone has done something for a long time doesn’t mean they ever did it right. Experience does not automatically equal expertise.

  7. If Gordon Ramsay told us our food sucked, we would change what we’re doing INSTANTLY. No questions asked.

  8. These videos are so unbelievably entertaining. Seeing Gordon helping people that actually need it using his insane cooking passion is beautiful

  9. love the full episodes but make sure to keep the playlist of them updated too <3

  10. I feel bad for Aaron. Such a good chef surrounded by literal turtles for line cooks.

  11. This was a very delicious episode. I love it when Gordon went fishing. Fresh fish ❤️ yum.

  12. FINALLY, a full episode that isn’t blocked in Australia. It’s gotten really annoying with all the blocked episodes that I loved watching on TV.

  13. “Aaron is finally acting like a head chef.” He’s been acting like one. Nobody has been listening to him.

  14. It’s a delight to see Gordon go in and fix a big space. The retired wet brain bleeding the place was used to working in a geek diner, bad fit. The kitchen wasn’t hiring enough good people

  15. Gordon’s voice jumps like 2 octaves at 17:04 when he pulls that tray from the steam table 😵

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