Chicken Shashlik Platter With Gravy | Restaurant Style Chicken Shashlik | Kitchen With Amna

Amna Made Restaurant Design Influenced by Bundu Khan Dining Establishment in Kitchen Area With Amna #KitchenWithAmna #chickenshashliksticks #chickenshashlikrecipe

Platter With Gravy | Restaurant Style | Kitchen With Amna

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  1. Who is Proud to be part Of Ummah of Muhammad [S.A.W] ??? ❤️

  2. Easy to understand the preparation process and very clear description. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Yummy!

  3. Arree wah! MashaAllah fantastic recipe looks absloutely delicious and so flavourful it’s very nice. Amna api ALLAH PAAK aap ko sada salamat rakhe aur deen aur duniya ki daulat se khoob nawaze. Love you amna api and aayat shehzadi ❤️💋

  4. I respect everyone who Ware involved in this seriously the best piece that I Ve ever seen on YouTube hate off to well all love your videos ❤💝💝💝

  5. “The beauty of Quran is that you cannot change its, but it’s message can change you.”❤️💞💞❤️

  6. Ur recipes are mouthwatering thanks for sharing u r very humble and beautiful hearted lady love to see u from Saudia 😍🥰😘☺️💝💘

  7. Woww i just love it mashallah , wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing this recipe 👌👌

  8. Wow so yummy amazing outstanding and so so delicious and mouthwatering recipe

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