Budget Christmas: Day 4 | Sweet Leek Carbonara | #shorts

This is my veggie twist on utilizing sweet rather of bacon. Is gorgeous, velvety, cosy and warming. You're gon na love it. Hi the link to see the complete video –

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Budget : Day 4 | Sweet Leek | #

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  1. There was no sign of the leeks in the finished result it was just the spaghetti and egg mixture!

    1. If you slice them thin and stew them properly, the leeks kinda melt out in a sweet cream, just like onions do in a French style onion soup.

  2. “Spaghetti, of course, is the classic pasta that goes with Carbonara”. Ehm… of course NOT! 😅

  3. Leeks are a favorite here too! Perfect simplicity for a drizzly rainy day after the joyful celebrations of Christmas!

  4. If you temper eggs with a ladle of hot pasta water you’ll get a creamier sauce (the parmesan melts) and you don’t need to cook the eggs as much in the pan. (technically you shouldn’t cook them at all 🙄)

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