Anne Burrell and Darnell Ferguson Make Cornish Game Hen | Worst Cooks in America | Food Network

On the season premiere of , Anne and Darnell work up a spice-rubbed with tacky scalloped potatoes to show that a hearty dinner doesn't have to be hard to make!
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Fresh out of the viral oven is a new batch of area chaos, food fumbles and confusion as chefs Anne Burrell and Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson welcome 12 technically savvy but cooking challenged recruits to boot camp! They may be all the buzz on social networks, but nothing about their kitchen skills are trending. The challenges are more outrageous than ever with video games motivated by the most current social networks patterns and viral moments like Poke-Bowl-Go, Cake or Phony and Ice-Bucket Trivia. Anne and Darnell will have eight weeks to change them from kitchen zeroes to culinary heroes, and the last hire standing will leave with a $25,000 reward while their mentor wins supreme bragging rights.

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Anne Burrell and Darnell Ferguson Make Cornish Game Hen|Worst Cooks in America|Food Network

Anne Burrell and Darnell Ferguson Make Cornish Game Hen | Worst Cooks in America | Food Network

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  1. Darnell Ferguson joins Anne Burrell for the very first time! What the great show and cooking for the worst! 🍳🔪

  2. He’s an awesome chef but he looks miserable, what do they do to black chefs on this network? Hate,but I understand that he has above 5 restaurants now so I don’t worry about him, it’s so shameful, that why Tregaye couldn’t stand it nor could Tabitha.. come on already! Knock it off with the prejudice, it’s so played out..

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