5 Cheap & Easy Vegetarian Dinners | Tacos, Lasagna, Korma, Burger, & Falafel | Allrecipes.com

There's never been a much better time to think about quiting meat, even if it's just one day a week, than right now. Whether you're doing it for health reasons, to assist animals, due to the fact that of the ecological effect, or perhaps to save cash, eating more meals can be just as scrumptious as the diet plan you're used to. While you might be comfy with your stable of go-to meals like chicken enchiladas or meaty Bolognese, you'll quickly discover that making the swap from meat-based meals to plant-based ones can be as basic as reevaluating one active ingredient, not the entire meal.

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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Lentil Tacos
02:00 Veggie Lasagna
06:41 Veggie Burger
09:45 Falafel

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Chef and mama of 3, Nicole McLaughlin, will share all the basics– plus some things you may have missed– as she strolls you through comprehensive videos that include kitchen area tips, facts, and methods.

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5 Inexpensive & Easy Vegetarian Dinners|Tacos, Lasagna, Korma, Burger, & Falafel|Allrecipes.com

5 Cheap & Easy Vegetarian Dinners | Tacos, Lasagna, Korma, Burger, & Falafel | Allrecipes.com

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  1. Cooking is often a big tasty lie – sometimes you don’t know what you’re eating and you like it! 😋

  2. The veggie burgers look yummy – gotta try them. I use crushed pork rinds instead of breadcrumbs in all my recipes that call for a filler like breadcrumbs. Adds no carbs and a nice flavor.

  3. If you’re vegetarian don’t put worcestershire sauce in your burger. I’m definitely going to make all of these recipes they look so yummy.

  4. Everything looks so great but if you use eggs can you still call it vegetarian? I still want to try the veggie burger

  5. Great video! I’ll definitely be trying the lentils tacos and the veggie burgers. More vegetarian recipes would be awesome.

  6. I love watching you! I don’t like curry so have to do something different for the Korman. I need to try all these recipes!
    I live street food. An episode on street food would be great.
    More sheet pan recipes. More slow cooker. More soups

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