3 Mexican Inspired Recipes For Cinco De Mayo | Gordon Ramsay

Here are three Mexican inspired dishes for

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3 Mexican Inspired For |

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  1. We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦🌼

  2. The length of the video: 13 minutes
    The video posted: 2 minutes ago
    The comment section: “Wow these look amazing” “What an interesting recipe”

    1. Factor in time zone changes and this hasn’t even happened yet in half the flat Earth!

  3. Merci chef ramsay pour toutes ces délicieuses recettes😍👍

  4. Authentic Mexican food is more than just someting you eat-it is someting you experience. Traditional Mexican food has a vibrant history and is tied to the heart of Mexican culture and values. Indeed, one of the best ways to understand your Mexican heritage is to understand its food. Many of the tastes, sights, and sounds of authentic Mexican food stem from three main Mexican cultures: Mayan, Aztec, and Spain, with Spain being the most heavily represented. Gordon, good job 🙂 Happy hungry! Cheers, Domenico.

    1. Prime example of someone saying so much yet nothing at the same time 😂 good waffle

  5. When Chef Ramsey making his cooking video is like music on my ears very relaxing

  6. To everyone complaining about this “not being Mexican cuisine”, the title clearly says Mexican Inspired so….it doesn’t have to be exactly like your abuela or mom made it. Most of these dishes are made with untraditional ingredients but I will bet everything is delicious.

    1. @MJ Kessler ???? You can find plenty in many supermarkets in Europe, especially in the UK

    2. The problem is that this is Texmex inspired, not even close to Mexican cuisine even on the inspired side.

      It’s like saying “Greek inspired” and you get inspired by Italian food but put some Greek yogurt in one of the dishes.

    3. @EmmanuelGS78 Yes I do. But what’s wrong with doing things properly? I’ve been to the UK and the Mexican food sucks there. Maybe it’s because too many people try to mess with whats already good.

  7. What would I cook without Gordons recipes?
    I have absolutely no idea… 🤔

  8. I naturally combine flavors from multiple cultures. It’s because I can’t decide so I make a combo of both. Lol
    So I love this Japanese, Mexican combo

  9. Hello Chef Ramsay. I have follow you for many years and I really enjoy your recipes. I like the fusion that you did with the tacos and oriental flavors. The only thing I would say to you is that we, mexicans, don’t fold and toast the tortilla in this shape. That is a terrible american idea. We reheat the tortilla in a “comal” wich is a flat pan and we use the tortilla very soft for rolling the tacos. Please you don’t do what gringos do. Happy Cinco de Mayo day.

  10. These were one of the most sofisticated, elaborated tacos I’ve ever seen someone make.

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