How to Make Martha Stewart’s Pan Seared Salmon | Martha’s Cooking School | Martha Stewart

A stunning piece of fresh fish deserves correct treatment in the kitchen area. The salmon filets that Martha prepares in this are crisp on top and perfectly cooked at the center. This simple needs to be a standby whenever you require an outstanding and classy dinner quickly.

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00:00 Intro
00:10 How To Season And Prepare Salmon
00:34 How To Burn Fish
1:41 End up In Oven
2:12 How To Serve
2:55 Final Result

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How to Martha Stewart's Pan Seared Salmon|Martha's Cooking School|Martha Stewart

How to Martha Stewart's Pan Seared Salmon | Martha's Cooking School | Martha Stewart

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  2. I wish I actually had exhaust and fans so I could cook in my home without my entire tiny place stinking like cooking smells

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