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In this dish video, bakes an incredible gooey butter cake. This sticky-sweet cake comes from St. Louis with a serendipitous backstory. Legend has it that the cake was developed after a local baker made a mistake with his coffee cake dish, but the consumers loved it. Now, practically a century later on, bakeries all over have their own variation of the traditional local . Martha makes her decadent sticky topping out of butter, sugar, vanilla, and eggs to give this unforgettable its namesake runny top layer. Cut this quick and simple dessert into squares, and serve it for practically any event!

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00:00 Introduction
00:18 How To Make Coffee Cake Dough
2:32 How To Proof The Dough
3:09 How To Make The Topping
4:06 Topping The Dough
4:30 Baking Instructions
5:18 Outcome

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How to Make Martha Stewart's Gooey Butter Cake|Martha Bakes|Martha Stewart

How to Make Martha Stewart's Gooey Butter Cake | Martha Bakes | Martha Stewart

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