Mason’s Fried Bologna Sandwich #shorts

Watch the complete video here-.

They state never prepare bacon with your t-shirt off, however what about bologna?
, owner of , goes bare-chested for this on frying America's preferred meat sausage.

Mason’s Sandwich #shorts

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  1. *Anyone else randomly just started watching shorts and now it’s just a everyday thing?*

  2. If you only brought two T shirts then wear one twice. That isn’t a sight which should be repeated.

    1. I’ll bet you hate beaches, public pools and gyms huh? All those yucky torsos…

  3. What is this a Bert kreischer homage to something’s burning in the kitchen?

    1. Bruce Kirchner is WAY more fatter and racist than this guy. A hundred percent.

  4. Has anyone ever spilt tomato sauce on their office shirt at lunch then sat at their desk shirtless for the rest of the day?

  5. They seriously couldn’t find a third shirt anywhere in the entire vice building….. Bad excuse. 😆

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