How to De-stone and Avocado in 60 seconds. #tips #tricks #hacks

Among the most common injuries in the kitchen area is from cutting an avocado here's Jamie's tip.

Get the Knife:

How to De-stone and Avocado in 60 seconds. #tips #tricks #hacks

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    1. …. Congratulations ? Not sure anyone cares. Jamie is doing a tutorial, not a speed run.

  1. Be very careful when putting the knife into the pit. It can easily slip and cut you

    1. just use a blunt knife or butter knife

  2. just as long as the avocado is ripe, which it should be if your supplier is any good

  3. No knife for the stone (seed) if it’s ripe for the taking. Just gently squeeze one out.

  4. While teaching the technique is deffo useful, I don’t know if it is a great idea to make it a time challenge…and you kinda have.

  5. After tapping the knife into the seed, twist the knife a bit and then lift out the seed.

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