Smoked Soup | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

With simply a few simple steps this traditional winter of a peasant style Beef is as smoky, husky and tender as any braised beef as revealed here by Pitmaster Blaze from the BBQ pit Boys.
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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Dang it! I just had my lunch and this video pops up. Now I’m hungry again. 😁😁😁😁. Anyway, It’s been awhile since y’all cooking an oxtail recipe. Now that’s what I call as a soup for the soul, BBQ pit boy’s style. 👍👍👍👍

  2. A good hearty meal combined with a couple of cold ones to share with The Boys, fill those bellies up Boys! The night has just started, and we ain’t done yet!

  3. Копченый суп еда для бородатых мужиков

  4. Парни, вы потрясающие харизматичные бородачи.

  5. The umami-filled soup and softly stewed beef look delicious.😋👍

  6. After some research I find out that this channel is Canadian …. surprise …. and the oxtail cook that ain’t no Canadian accent …. hahaha

  7. Yummy yummy

    Wikipedia defines Oxen as Male bovine trained to work

    Love ox tail soup, I don’t mind if it came from a lazy cow that never did a days work in it’s life.

  8. I’ve been taking that soup (de sobre, claro! 😅) for more than a week, “rabo de toro” in Spanish, interesting. It’s what I use to lower migraine, curious coincidence. But the level of that soup… It is maximum, has an exquisite look and taste, sure (smoked, really? that´s so good). For me, you have the best food in the world, without a doubt! Besos!! 🌺

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