How to BBQ Pizza – Summer Grill Life Hack

How to barbecue a pizza. If you prepare it directly on the grill it will probably end up burning, so attempt using a tray to bake your pizza on. Terrific season life hack. Close the barbecue lid to make it like an oven. Barbeque Pizza Tests:

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How to Pizza – Grill Life Hack

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    1. +F. G. E. Sci. YOU shouldn’t be on the internet we have lives thank u very much I am also 10

    2. +Isabel Hopkins your comment made no sense… 1. Your 10 – 11, get off the internet 2. If you have a life why are you on the internet

  1. I tried it and it was delicious. thanks for sharing this technique with us. as always stay safe and keep up the good work!

  2. wow, this would’ve come in handy a couple days ago when my bro was making some garlic bread pizzas. this will certainly come in handy for the next time c: I do have a question though, would it work well with homemade pizza or does it have to be store bought? great video btw c:

  3. This was actually pretty informative. My first time hearing of the charcoal gel.

  4. Or, you could cook a pizza on a spherical grill like it is supposed to be done: Arrange the coal in a circle inside the grill, with nothing in the middle. This way, the underside of the pizza will not be burnt, and the heat from the coals will follow the walls of the grill and cook it from above, like in a normal oven.

  5. This is super cool and an awesome idea that I’d love to try. But if my oven broke down, I’d cook stuff that didn’t need an oven till I got a new one 😂😂😂cool idea tho. Keep it up

  6. Have cooked pizza on the grill before. It came out really good, the crust was nice and crispy golden brown.

  7. Love this hack thanks so much Dave maybe me and my husband will try!! Keep up the great work!!

  8. second pizza seems like already done and just warming up a little…. what a trick :Đ

  9. I am a massive fan and you have made my life easier. Thank you very much for the best channel ever

  10. Dave, you Rock man! Never had pizza on the grill. Love to try it one day. 😊

  11. In the summer we definitely cook pizza on the barbecue, but we place the pizza on a pizza stone, just DON’T preheat the stone on the bbq, otherwise it can crack as soon as you put your pizza on it. It makes a perfectly crispy crust. My fave pizza is a garlic chicken pizza. Instead of traditional red pizza sauce, we use pesto sauce instead. Yummy. Another one we love is bbq chicken with cilantro. use bbq sauce as your base.

  12. For how long should you keep the pizza cooking 20 to 15 minutes or how long? Thanks!

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