“You Taste It And It Blows Your Mind Away” | The F Word FULL EPISODE

has 2 incredible Indian dining establishments fighting against each other.

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"You Taste It And It Blows Your Mind Away" | FULL EPISODE

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  1. I love his recipes and videos and I still use them. But you can Archive this content in a Playlist. And create new content

    Or make clip from his current and new shows (to market them and make people want to go watch the full episode on the tv)

    Or do anything that’s new, with or without him if he’s busy

  2. Gordon don’t worry I watched and liked and shared the video so help me out please

  3. I see Gordon Ramsay savoring everything he eats, the food is sure to be good😍👍

  4. Thank you for posting as I got rid of my tv and I enjoy watching my shows on YouTube. I enjoy the cooking shows because I studied very briefly a chief course at a community college near Santa Cruz. I am Clan Donald. My grandfather was from Glasgow. Can’t wait to be able to go the the Scottish Games again. Phoenix AZ has excellent games. Best wishes from Reno Nevada.

  5. I know if Chef Ramsey says it’s good, it usually is. I really like that he sends secret diners. People see him and try and put out their best of the best, including service. I’d be a secret diner any day. You can have great food but if people don’t feel welcome and are not treated well, they won’t come back. I treat people like family because I want them to come back, I love making people smile. Oh and yes I have people that no matter what I do they are never satisfied, but I keep smiling NO ONE is going to take my sparkle ✨.

  6. Bob #1: “So you, physically take the specs from the customer…?
    Tom Smykowski: “Well…no, my secretary does that.”
    Bob #2: “So then you must, physically bring them to the software people…?
    Tom Smykowski: “Well, no…I mean sometimes!”
    Bob#1: “So…what would you say YA DO here?” 12:55 👀

    -Office Space

  7. Who removed the “o” and “i” from the fridge magnets?


  8. There are only 2 people I support without question: Johnny Depp and Gordon Ramsey.

  9. [spoilers] I put it down to this: would I rather work 10yrs in a kitchen at Santa Maria or Lasan? It’d be Santa Maria every time.
    I think in this Ramsey knew he could shape Lasan into something next level whereas Santa Maria was perfect in itself, it was always exactly what it needed to be. Changing it would ruin the core of what it does best charm, fast service, incredible taste. It’s the place you go back to every week not the one you do yearly.

  10. I would love to eat a meal cooked by Gordon . just to see if it’s any good. breakfast lunch and dinner. probably cost a million pounds.

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