Will Gordon Ramsay Find the Lamb Sauce Cooking Lamb Chops?

remains in Wales up an incredible light chop dish total with carrots, chimichurri and an incredible seaweed butter. But will he discover the lamb sauce?

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Will Gordon Ramsay Discover the Lamb Sauce Lamb Chops?

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Will Gordon Ramsay Find the Lamb Sauce Cooking Lamb Chops?

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. Instead beurre maitre d’hôtel Seaweed thym mint marinating grilled lamb and veg excellent plate 👍I don’t mind little Redcurrant jelly on the side.

  1. My favorite thing about Gordon is how he’s happily accepted his status as an internet meme and everybody just leans into it.

    1. Very true. Definitely leaned into the internet and meme culture, and has remained relevant. good for him

  2. 3:44
    – Little bit of olive oil
    **continue to pour 1/4 of the bottle xD**

    1. we put a lot more olive oil than that in our chimichurri in Argentina 😂👍

    2. If I’ve learned one thing from Gordon, it’s that “a touch” really means “several glugs”

    3. @@DariusSinclair Great for high blood pressure and diabetes🤣🤣🤣😊

    1. Come on fatty, a piece of beef on a grilled cheese for protein. Can’t just be stuffing yourself with cheese all the time.

  3. This isn’t a metaphor. You will LITTERALLY be preparing, seasoning, and cooking the food.

  4. Shoutout to the 1 potato slice that slipped through the girll. I won’t forget you like Gordon did, my brother.

    1. Also all the butter he put on the lamb fell through the grill when he flipped it lol

    2. he grabbed that one out at the end and said ‘waste not want not, now where’s the piss sauce?’ then he pissed in a jar

  5. Seaweed butter for that ‘Welsh saltiness’ on that lamb finished me off

  6. I challenge Gordon Ramsay to NOT say “literally” in every other sentence, literally in his next video 😂

    1. At least he uses the word right to mean literally and not to mean “very much so” but he could still use it less.

    2. @@Ericalovesanimals nah dude, he uses it incorrectly and completely out of context all the time

    3. @@hendrikwipprecht570
      Lessons in grammar from someone who uses ‘nah dude’.

  7. I appreciate that Ramsey gets so Literally excited about food. Refreshing ❤

  8. I like the way you observe your cooking ,you’re fast ,active and you bring the vibe to your cooking spot 🔥🌟💯

  9. My favorite part of having Disney+ was Gordon’s Uncharted. Too bad I won’t be paying for it anymore. Thanks for being awesome Chef!

  10. A half potato didn’t survive, the butter was also gone. At this point Gordon doesn’t even care anymore man LMAO.

    1. He doesn’t have too if he wanted he could sit at home the rest of his life he’s the most successful restaurant owner in the world

  11. “The lambs are happy and delicious”.
    I’m glad Gordon became a chef and not a serial killer.

    1. He wasn’t lying though, they were really happy and Then they became Delicious…

  12. Little bit of OIL- proceeds to pour half a cup of oil😂😂

    Love Gordon 👏🏾👏🏾

  13. “Throws complete knobs of butter into the fire and just lets them burn” – The butter is caramelised.

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