Wild Garlic Bread | Jamie Oliver

Wild garlic season is at its peak between February and April, so why not take the opportunity to go foraging and work up your own wild garlic butter? It's extremely easy, and lasts for at least 6 months in the freezer! Today we're using this fragrant butter to coat a tray of crispy homemade tear-and-share garlic bread– definitely tasty!

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Wild Garlic Bread |

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  1. drinking game: every time jamie says “butter”. prepare to end up in the ICU.

    1. Seeing as he’s making Wild Garlic Butter word other than butter do you suggest he use?

    1. It’s kind of a mix between chives, parsley and garlic, but it it doesn’t taste like any of them. If that makes sense?

    2. @@mugget1718 That’s a very good description. You really have to taste it to know for sure.😋

  2. Tear&Share is a nice phrase…I’ll definitely keep the tear part in mind after baking it 😁✌

  3. I freaking love Jamie Oliver. He’s just the best. Most lovable, relatable, down to earth guy. Who can get anyone excited about food! 🥰❤️

  4. In French this wild garlic is called “ail des ours” = bear’s garlic. Such a name because it’s one of the first foods bears see and eat when they wake up from their long winter sleep.

    1. Man, heir post hibernation breath must be something… Lol Just kidding. Cool fact! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could find this where I live.

    2. Thanks for sharing, never thought about the origin of its name. In Germany it’s called Bärlauch ( Bear’s leek) ❤

  5. I love your garlic bread and thank you for sharing your healthy meals I really do appreciate your a brilliant chef love Amy

  6. Jamie, what if you put the bread with garlic butter for another 5 minutes in the oven? Would it taste better or would the garlic just be burned?

  7. That’s a thing of beauty and I love the little tips like the butter in the ice cube tray or the pickled buds

  8. Good video, love how you go in depth with what everything does. It’s like a science experiment for bread haha

  9. I will never get bored of watching Jamie. I’ve been a fan since The naked chef days. 🥂

  10. I don’t think we have wild garlic in the US and what a shame – it looks wonderful!

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