Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas | Jamie Oliver

Hi everybody, this is a inspired dish that is going to get loads of veggies into your life in the most tasty way. It's the ideal midweek meal because you only require to clean up one ! Start off by charring your veg, this will take your sauce to the next level and I have a terrific idea for charring your veg too. Next up, make your basic and yummy filling for your tortillas and whilst they're are bubbling away in the oven I'll show you how to make a the ideal sweetcorn salsa to opt for this meal. For the full recipe and more head over to

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Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas | Jamie Oliver

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  1. Such a great non pretentious way of thinking, speaking , making food…👍♥️💯

  2. Enchilada snob here- Hispanic gal from San Antonio. Initially I was skeptical, but wow, Jamie Oliver made legit, amazing looking enchiladas. The ingredients he used are absolutely perfect! Hats off to him! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    1. if we are gonna get snobbish I would not even guess that those were enchiladas but I guess that’s what you call enchiladas in the US

  3. Delicious vegetarian meals take more effort and care but are SO worth it 🤤

  4. Oh lord… Oh my god…. That was absolutely fantastic! I got really inspired! Everything was perfectly balanced! And that salsa with the corn…. Amazing!!

  5. Love your enthusiasm and I know your creations are delicious and healthy thanks for sharing

  6. Looks very delicious! -i’m sure it tastes class!

  7. Glad he said Mexican inspired… Mexican food is cultural heritage of humanity and any kind of adjustment really affects the way the people perceives the Mexican food. It is nice to see the variations as long as people are aware that is not the same thing. Obviously not everyone gets to experience it, and sometimes you have to do what you can with the ingredients you have.

  8. Looks delicious.

    Tip, the heat from a chilli is not in the seeds it is concentrated in the inner white pith or rib of the chilli pepper by a chemical called Capsaicin

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