Things Heat Up In The Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares

has actually these areas disturbed over their own errors.

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Things Warm up In The Kitchen|

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Things Heat Up In The Kitchen |

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  1. You are the most passionate chef and the funniest person in the world 🤩🤌🥰

  2. I can’t wait into we get GR to come back to Kitchen Knightmare I’ve watched every season and 24 hell and back and working in the food industry for 19 years now it’s not made up like people think on these shows I’ve seen a lot lol know I’m working in NYC and man let me tell you lol if I’m going out to eat I’m only going to places were I can see my food being made that’s all ill say to that lol

    1. I’m with you on that one. My brothers used to deliver industrial kitchen equipment to NYC restaurants. They said even extremely high-end restaurants were disgusting!

  3. I feel for Marcello i know he was just completely burned out and his wife is right but my man just needs a vacation. From 1 chef to another I know his pain

  4. damn you guys cut the second clip right as it was about to get good! i haven’t seen most or any? of these episodes though are they new? can’t wait to watch!

  5. I’m hispanic and I never saw the episode of Mojito’s restaurant in English. The cuban fury of Marcelo’s wife just makes me want to run and hide before I get hit by the salty beans in the eyes.

  6. I bet the food really is no good but I feel like if the customers had no idea ramsay was there they wouldn’t be complaining like that lol

  7. The most interesting chef in the world in my opinion😏😏👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  8. In regards to the soup at the start the mistake he made in the kitchen was to put warm soup in a cold bowl.

  9. Wow, had to dust this one off huh Gordon?…I had this episode on VHS 😄

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