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Blast from the previous! Here are a few of the very best minutes from .

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  1. One of my favorite programs is watching Gordon Ramsay’s videos 👌🤩🤩🤌

    1. me: small channel, no cooking carriere and michelin wheels on my car. :v

  2. The one time Gordon could be told “IT’S RAW, YOU FUCKING DONKEY!” BY HIS MUM!

  3. I love watching Gordon Ramsay on all of his cooking platform such as Hell’s Kitchen, kitchen nightmares and hotel hell because even though he is very direct in a very firm way he also cares

  4. The episode where Gordon raised and cooked the pigs got me a little. I get that this was their purpose, but after learning HOW much personality they have, I could not have been able to go through with it. If it were the wild, and this is the ONLY meat, different story. But I think I would have just gone to the market

  5. The one person who can put Gordon in his place. His own mother.😊

  6. Since seeing this clip I’ve been watching some of his old shows. I remember why I called him “coach Ramsey”. I’d swear that man is the best cusser and f 💣 dropper I’ve ever seen or heard in addition🏆. You gotta Love it, and because he always gets the best results in the end❤

  7. Mum’s will always be better because chefs get carried away and put weird stuff in comfort food that ruins

  8. 2:52 actually kinda feel bad for the guy. He knew he fucked up and acknowledged it but Gordon just kept going when he didnt need to.

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