The Most CHAOTIC Moments (Season 1) | Kitchen Nightmares

Grab a snack and calm down, this is going to be a thrilling trip.

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One Of The Most CHAOTIC Minutes (Season 1)|Kitchen Headaches

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The Most CHAOTIC Moments (Season 1) |

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  1. Just watched this 283938 times, can’t believe Gordon beheaded that old bag during the service 😢

    1. I’ve never thought about it like that but you’re right 😂😂

    1. You ain’t lying lol 😂 they were all there..Jimmy whispers. ..Frankie coffee cakes …ahaha 😂 funny AF

  2. Joe sadly passed away a few years after appearing on Kitchen Nightmares. In September 2010, ABC and other news networks reported Chef Joe had died by suicide, RIP joe

    1. ​ @corinne1130 2:26
      Rest in peace. The pressure of the restaurant business is no joke.

    2. @@nathanpetrovski7525well if you watched the clip where he’s stressing about his job, I think you can put two and two together. He must’ve been unhappy with himself and the amount pressure onto him running a kitchen.

    3. He joked about jumping off a bridge because he was so stressed and apparently he actually did that, so sad. RIP

  3. If I had to wait 40 minutes I would leave goodbye
    And go find a fast food

  4. There’s no other chef that I’d rather meet than Gordan Ramsey. He is my kitchen/ chef heroe.
    Thanks, Gordan, for everything you share.
    I’m so greatly inspired by your talent and knowledge.

  5. I’ve watched the entire series…. And two things I have noticed.
    1. The older Greek men always sound like they are dying.
    2. The Italians are the ones I always expect to start swinging.

    Nothing against either group, just an observation

  6. i miss the season 1 hells kitchen experience. I remember being in high school not a care in the world. Everything was great

  7. I’d like to hear the narrator cuss or swear a bit; in his casual,professional voice.

  8. Damn Peter (The Italian one) act like he is in the Mafia,damn he must watch Godfather way too many times

    1. He was affiliated with a crime family in NY tho – so he was legit in that scene.

    2. I wouldn’t lightly pick a fight with him
      I think he can back it up

  9. The only way I ever hear “Gordon Ramsay” when I read it is the way Acegon says it one particular time while reading a Hell’s Kitchen trollpasta on SomeOrdinaryGamers.

    It’s a curse… or maybe a blessing. Not sure.

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