Sweet potato & sweetcorn platter | Jamie Oliver

Spiced sweet potato and corn, baked till soft and gnarly, and served with refried beans and a cool avocado dip.

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Sweet potato & sweetcorn platter |

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  1. it is not only the ingredients that make this meal so extraordinary, but the passion and dedication of the chef who created it. Jamie Oliver’s commitment to using fresh, wholesome ingredients is evident in every bite, and his innovative approach to cooking has elevated simple ingredients to new heights.

    So let us raise a fork to this culinary genius, and savor every moment of this unforgettable meal. Jamie Oliver, you have truly outdone yourself, and we are forever grateful for the gift of your artistry.

    1. Been watching his cooking shows since I was a little child. Now I’m 28 and still absolutely love it. He always brings great energy, good vibes and it’s always fun to watch

  2. It’s vegan if the refried beans don’t have lard but still looks delicious❤

  3. Looks great a great Friday/Saturday night dinner.. id leave the coriander out tho’

  4. 🌱💚🕊👏👏👏Jamie, that looks so luscious; my mouth is watering!! Thanks for this Veg recipe!! You are rocking it!!

  5. Jamie Oliver – forever the best! As for this dish, – it’s just amazing! Especially that simple salsa. I make something similar with ripe tomatoes, pickles, garlick & dill.

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