Pukka Tukka 2000 | Jamie Oliver

This is a right "old" throwback from over 20 years ago. Oh, to have that much energy once again. Featuring a little cameo from the one and just Jimmy Doherty.


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Pukka Tukka 2000 |

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  1. I love the shine of the wedding ring. Still faithful after all the fame. Great job Jamie, I love that more than your cooking and that says a lot.😁

  2. Positivity attracts positivity. Keep smiling and doing things that make you happy, even when you’re in a bad mood

  3. Oh Grüße aus Deutschland und Wünsche Dir und Familie viel Glück und Gesundheit 🍀🙂 Viel Erfolg noch beim Kochen und meine Tochter Sagt auch immer ich Verarbeite auch immer alles 😉👌

  4. Oh Jamie…… Blast from the past…. Love the accent… You have always and will always ROCK … Love to you and your beautiful family…. From South Africa

  5. I loved to see! Jaime, I would to rewiew an episode where you cooked in a school with some students and you made a chicken with mushrooms in a “bag” and the desert you made a chocolate Cambridge cream. 😋😋😋 I think this show was The Naked Chef, but I’m not sure.

  6. It’s so much fun to go back and look at these. I saw them all when they came out, I have all of the DVDs and all of the book in German and English. I love to go back and look at them once in awhile. My favourites were “Jamie at Home.” Jamie has given us so much joy and pleasure. We will always be indebted.

    1. I have also the dvd’s he was so young here and he came so far and still is
      i love him 😍
      Got about 20 books of him🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. It was nice to go back in time, I enjoyed your work back then as much, as I enjoy it now..well done and keep it going !..amazing🤗

  8. Uh I can remember watching this back then! I was 13 years old and watched your stuff for fun and for checking my English skills. Now nearly 23 years later I know better, why I cook how I cook! It seems like, I adopted this style of cooking and saved it in one part of my brain and started using it some years later – thank you so much for all your effort and work!

  9. His body may have gone through different transformations over the years, but his cooking techniques and passion for pure ingredients have stayed the same!!

    1. @heather glenfield Wasn’t insulting him whatsoever. I was commenting on the fact that although Jamie has changed his appearance over the years, it is amazing how consistent and true he has stayed to his beliefs regarding his cooking

  10. I made this crumble recipe back when this episode came out and I still make it to this day. SO good!

  11. I love the energy, running back and forth! The enthusiasm has never wavered, the love of food and the excitement is exactly the same. <3

  12. Oh Jamie you were a young wise whippersnapper back then haha! lol Love the hyper energy and conviction man. People may say what they want but watching from a distance (NL) the last 20+ years I truly do think you have improved (directly or indirectly) the cooking/eating habits of the UK for the better!

  13. This video could have been made last month, still so fresh, modern looking and appealing.. For God’s sake Jamie, this is gold..

  14. ” I’ve been calling him Joe for 2 years and his real names George ” 😂🤣🙄

  15. Thanks to J.O I’m a Queen in the kitchen since I was 8yrs old watching him on TV and recreating everything he made – got almost all his books and I still cook from them, although I now don’t have to follow the recipes anymore since they’ve become a habit 😂😍

  16. Jamie was/ and still is, so handsome, love his charm and passion. These recipes are still classics to this day! 😊

  17. ahhhhh back to a simpler time without having to worry if someone is on a low carb/paleo/no gluten/no sugar/vegan diet

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