One-Pan Herby Green Rice and Fish | Jamie Oliver

I want to give you a dish that is going to bring you some, love, enjoyment and colour to your weekly cook. This meal, is light and fluffy and full of the good things. This is an actually simple way to cook and get the best flavours from them. Provide this a go, your loved ones are going to love it too.

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One-Pan Herby Green and Fish |

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  1. Lovely stuff….i would take this to South Korea and blitz together peppers,tomatoes and chilis and add Gochojang the Korean fermented red pepper paste and have it as a red rice…..i just love how you are giving us methods of cooking and not just bog standard recipes

    1. @UC3CONavXveBuDg2ZyU0OlpA I am aware of that its just to give the rice that extra flavour…but like Jamie said in the video to use pesto in a rush it gives the rice a boost of flavour but Italians would go mad at that especially the nonnas🤣🤣🤣

  2. OKAY Jamie Oliver superb !😍gorgeous and yummy yum 😋! one of your best recipes for the ongoing hot summertime ! Thank you i love it 👍🙏

    1. Have you seen his “Thai green curry”.I’ve seen stuff on the pavement on a Saturday night that looks better.Check it out!

  3. What you blended is what people in Trinidad 🇹🇹 call shado beni and it goes in almost every dish though it’s not spinach they use and it has to have chili.

  4. Muchas gracias por esta nueva expresión del pescado y los mariscos
    Me encanta como haces tan sencillo de ver todo
    Lo voy a lograr, no se nada de inglés, pero es fácil seguirte el paso cuando lo muestras en el vídeo
    Feliz amanecer y disfruta la vida

  5. Delicious.. I do something very similar with pasta.. Will definitely try it with rice.

  6. I’ve actually had something like this in a ready-made food pack. It was bangin. Freshly made probably taste better, though. Nice work, Jamie. Let’s keep the content coming 👌🏻

  7. Lovely stuff. Building on the Thai green curry vibe which I have adapted over many years since you first shared it. You’ve had a few challenging years, as have many of us, and it’s good to see your positivity and continued creativity in my feed! Stay the course Jamie.. like the stock market, things go up and they go down, but the overall effect, if you keep the faith, is to trend upwards. Inspirational as usual. Love to the family. R x

  8. I just made spinach rice yesterday with parsley and garlic. It was incredible. But I steamed the rice on a low heat with a lid on top

  9. I remenbered ver well when i saw your first videos. How many years ago?? Thanks for your channel and dishes. Congratulations!!

  10. I’m a little bit older but we’ve spent a life together, you cooking, me learning. We’ve changed flats, houses, countries but I still have the kettle ready and a wet towel under the board. Take care, respect , all the best to the lovely family of yours

  11. First of all I’ve love watching you and cooking with you from the beginning you are a great human being. I e learned from Dr. Michael Gregor that no matter where you get you rice from, there’s always heavy metals to some degree. I’ve taken to cooking rice the way I cook pasta. Lots of water and taste to see it’s done. Then pour out the water. Most of the undesirables go with it. Rice is cooked fine.

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