Most Emotional Moments Of 24hr to Hell & Back | Gordon Ramsay

puts the staff from various inefficient dining establishments throughout America to work for 24h straight to totally remodel these companies that are dealing with immediate close-down.

00:00 – 02:47, S2 EP09
02:47 – 06:24, S1 EP07
06:25 – 10:24, S1 EP05
10:25 – 13:16, S3 EP03
13:17 – 16:42, S3 EP01

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Most Emotional Moments Of 24hr to Hell & Back | Gordon

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  1. Why are we here in this life, why do we die, what will happen to us after death ?

  2. honestly I don’t care if it’s scripted or not because it is very good entertainment. gordon not only makes good food but also good content!

  3. *Can we take a moment to appreciate how much work he puts into these videos for us 😍*

  4. He’s no nonsense on the exterior but his intentions are always to help, motivate and inspire other to be the best they can be. He’s a softie at heart

    1. ​@Steve Chabumwell that’s always the case with showbiz. At least he gives something to someone sometimes.

    2. @Steve Chabummoney makes the world go round. If he did it for free we wouldn’t know he he was and wouldn’t be watching now

  5. Oh my God! I’m crying. Gordon is such a good human. We need more of him. This is how you give value to society. I salute you Sir Gordon Ramsey 🤝❤🎉🥳

  6. Let’s all have a good cry today 😢 Oh thank you Gordon 😭

  7. i have a feeling GR would give away his last penny to help someone who deserved it

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