Messy Restaurant Smells Like Sewage! | Kitchen Nightmares

Not very appetising …

Season 1, Episode 4

Gordon visits the Seascape restaurant in the seaside village of Islip in Long Island, New York City. Owner Peter Matthews has actually been struggling for 7 years to make the business viable and now he's almost reached completion of the line.

Season 1, Episode 3

The Mixing Bowl, a bijou diner in Bellmore, New York City, is run by skilled chef Billy with his partner Lisa and their supervisor Mike. Despite Billy's flair in the area, business is haemorrhaging money via Mike's out-of-control marketing plans.

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Unpleasant Restaurant Smells Like Sewage!| area Nightmares

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Messy Restaurant Smells Like Sewage! |

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  1. It’s crazy how the board of health gives this restaurant a 95 when it smells like sewage and the food is handled so disgustingly

  2. I mean saying the food is average on kitchen nightmares is actually pretty good. And oh how I loved Gordon grilling that manager

  3. Everywhere he goes, there’s some middle aged woman with a deep love for him. Sometimes it’s a gay guy. But you can’t blame him for having an affair when this is how his life is irl

    1. @your newbie in this episode, the owner said “if I was a little bit younger, we would make a match”

  4. i plan on opening a restaurant myself one day. i sure love seeing what i wouldnt do being done in those restaurants

  5. Unfortunately, it’s a truth that many of these restaurateurs who refuse despite the fact that they can’t run a restaurant to fairly decent standards and have to close down for that reason, and there are still people who take these in defense and I think that on that basis they also don’t know a hollow dut what the single people are talking about

  6. Chef Mike will always be the greatest, most dedicated, most hardworking chef we’ve seen in Kitchen nightmares history.

  7. Happy cook’s day – congratulations from «Culinarich»
    We wish you delicious recipes, culinary inspiration and a great mood, which will become the best seasoning for your dishes!

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