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We've dug through the archives to discover you 4 spectacular lamb recipes. Whether it's roast leg of lamb, a hearty lamb stew, or a smashing lamb kebab, get stuck in this weekend, you won't regret it!

0:04 How to Prepare a Leg of Lamb
Video recipe:
Dish here:

5:18 Easter Lamb Kebabs
Recipe here:

10:04 Italian Roast Leg of Lamb
Dish here:

15:26 Succulent Lamb Stew
Recipe here:

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Lamb Megamix |

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  1. Just been watching Gennaro and Antonio, Two Greedy Italian’s, Still Hungry….
    You, Jamie, are honouring Antonio’s legacy and I love that you have Gennaro as part of your channel, and the times Buddy and Gennaro cook together are Gold ….👍🙏😊🇳🇿

  2. Oh boy I love lamb. 3 great recipes to try. I think I will try the first one on my smoker instead of the oven. Oh yes, Happy Easter Jamie.

  3. This is mad. Looking at recipes for the weekend and this is uploaded as I’m searching!

  4. Thanks Jamie for sharing I love your recipes your a star love from Amy Javea Spain

  5. Ow.. I love me some lamb. Lamb kebab,lamb stew, anything. Good tasty meat.

  6. Happy Easter Jamie from sunny north Mississippi USA 🇺🇸. Love the lamb recipie.

  7. Fabulous
    Cooking in Perth, Western Australia
    Thanks 🦘🌻🦘

  8. Just bought my leg of lamb today! Can`t wait to watch this, always on the look out for different recipes for cooking Easter Sunday. Loved the various lamb dishes and by the time you got to the Italian Lamb you looked so much younger…😂😉

  9. This is my first time preparing a lamb roast..following your recipe step by step!! Cheers!!

  10. I m fasting and it makes a very big appetite to see something like that🌹🤲🏻🌹

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