Jamie’s Speedy Potato Tortilla

If you're after a super fast, budget plan friendly supper that can feed the family then this quick is one for you. With very little active ingredients, but maximum flavour this is one to pull out when your cabinets are looking a little bare. Take pleasure in

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Gosto muito do Jamei Olivier. Gostaria que tivesse legendas em portugues. Muito grato.

  2. Джейми спасибо, я рада Вас видеть, Ваши сковородки летают в воздухе и с радостью приземляются на печь! ВАУ! ❤❤❤❤🙏😘🤗

  3. Happy New Year to you and all the family. I love Tortilla so will definitely be using this recipe. Thank you.

  4. Самый авторитетный кухонный трудоголик.

  5. it looks so good i loved jamie and his recepies since i was a kid im making this for lunch tomorrow

  6. This looks lovely and so delicious! And easy! Thanks for sharing!🤗🤗

    1. @Elisha Tanya yes, He Is…. Well spoken, cool, Simple, lack of nothing…. I watch him since my 10-11 yrs old, early 2000s, regards from me Jamie, regards from Serbia🇷🇸🙋‍♂️👍💪🥧🥧🥧

  7. Looks good, although I like my tortilla de patatas more creamy in the center, not raw, but creamy

  8. This is soo cool, superb one pan patato tortilla recipe, along with smoky juicy salsa, what an combo whooofff😋😋😋😋🌿🌿

  9. Good that you did a salsa… The tortilla was looking a bit too cooked. The are different ways of cooking it but generally in Spain we make it a bit runny and we deep fry the potatoes… Well done anyway!

  10. I love these straight dishes, Your films help me to discover great tastes and it is so easy. I want more!

  11. The Spanish chef Omar has a video of a traditional Spanish tortilla on this channel which looks a 100 times better then that! Just sayin…

  12. I love it, I will try your salsa for sure! I’ve been living in Spain over 9 years, and my version of tortilla is cutting potatoes on tiny crisps and fry them on the pan into olive of oil till they get golden, what adds extra flavour to the tortilla. To almost done potatoes, I add onion and fry a bit more. When it’s time to drain potatoes and onion and combine with eggs, I add 1 or 2 sliced cloves of garlic, and salt. I do recommend you to try one with garlic. Some of us loves our tortilla less scrambled inside. For sure, tortilla is one of the simplest and tastiest Spanish dishes, and you can add into it some chorizo, tuna, paprika, prawns, it is good in every variation.

  13. I am from Spain, my sister worked 44 years as a professional cook and I can assure you that what you have cooked resembles a Spanish omelette the same as an egg to a chestnut. Olive oil, potatoes (peeled of course), onion, eggs and salt. The rest is a crime against gastronomy.

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