Its' beginning to look a lot like Christmas … 2006! We have actually robbed the archive to bring you almost 2hrs of 's Christmas. Everything you require to help your holiday season opt for a swing!

00:00 Start
06:49 Turkey
16:45 Pigs in Blankets
20:37 Veg
34:00 stuffing
52:26 Roast potatoes and so on
1:05:11 Mashed veg

1:06:35 Pudding. Thanks for subscribing!:.

For more nutrition details, click on this link:.
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  1. Kind of feels like I’m back at my youth and preparing Chrismas with my family. Love it.

  2. Приятное видео…..любящая семья….все счастливы

  3. I miss you live streaming on the christmas day with all the cooking and answering chat…

  4. I have literally just finished watching this on DVD. I’m probably going to watch it again. It’s my favourite Jamie Oliver Christmas.

  5. With all the leftovers I’m making Jamie’s hodgepodge pie every boxing day. Turns out gorgeous every single time! 😋

  6. Jaime Oliver is my all time favorite chef, & I have a pic of him in my kitchen!❤️

  7. Thank you for re-sharing this with us. I still make the mashed turnip and carrots every Christmas!! Love these old holiday specials

  8. Will there be something like this again this year? Or a live prep show on Christmas eve??

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