Jamie Oliver x YesChef | Jamie’s Class | Bread #AD

Who's all set for Oliver, like you've never ever seen him before?! Action inside his world as he shares a lifetime of cooking knowledge in his first-ever online class on YesChef. Get an unique ₤ 10 off using code: JAMIEYT

's YesChef class is now streaming. Get inspired to lead a healthier, better, and more scrumptious life through the happiness of food. Discover over 20 lessons and 50 dishes as you discover the special meals and necessary methods to prepare similar to at home, just on YesChef

Paid collaboration with YesChef.
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Jamie Oliver x YesChef | Jamie's Class | Bread #AD

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  2. 0:32 He looks like he’s lost his mind, like he spent the last year in isolation discovering the perfect dough recipe

  3. *ВНИМАНИЕ ПРОТИВОПОКАЗАНИЕ! Категорически не рекомендую смотреть это видео на ночь на голодный желудок!) Рецепт супер ☺️*

    1. LoL totally true Jamie can bake hsve a few of his cook books 😍🥳✨🍷🧀

  4. ❤You simply the BEST😍Jamie🌶🍋🌶
    Love you like a brother😊
    We are the same age🤗1975🎉Rules👑

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