Jamie Oliver cooks up a Pampushky for #CookForUkraine

Jamie is shining a spotlight on the amazing work of #CookForUkraine by formulating ' delicious Ukrainian bread, Pampushky. Olia's wonderful features in her lovely book : Dishes From Ukraine & Beyond.

#CookForUkraine intends to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis the world deals with today, along with raising funds to help children and households in Ukraine who've been displaced.
You can get included by hosting a supper club, holding a bake sale or just up a meal to reveal your assistance.

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Jamie cooks up a Pampushky for #CookForUkraine

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  1. Borscht with pampushki was an absolute must for me every time I visited Kyiv! I wish these peaceful times to be back as soon as possible

  2. Thanks ☺️ Mr. Jamie for teaching us a new way of making Ukrainian Bread
    And our awareness to
    ‘Cool For Ukraine’
    Will pass this Program to the rest of our Family/Friends/Church Congregation.

  3. Jamie…I love your expressions!! I’ve always keenly watched you on various cooking channels! I’ve subscribed to your channel..all for the love of your wonderful expressions…that your recipes are simple and so do-able is the icing on the cake!!! Go man , go!!

  4. Thank you, Jamie! What a beautiful gesture! 💛💙🕊
    Super delcious Ukrainian pampushky!!💛💙
    You’re an amazing person and a superb cook! God bless you and your lovely family. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Looks amazing! You know that tasted excellent just from seeing how it looked. We used to have a restaurant near us that had that exact bread as an appetizer. It wasn’t a Ukrainian restaurant but maybe one of their Chef’s were.

  6. He have big heart ❤️ every chef like here ❤️❤️ We proud of you 💕

  7. Once again your magic touch makes everything look so easy and beautiful! (ps. I always knew they’d name a dish after me)🥙🫓🥖🍞😃

  8. Yummm,This is looking so delicious. you’re really very good person jamie. Thank you for support Ukraine. We all wants peace in the world specially for Ukraine war. I will definitely try this recipe. Love you Jamie.

  9. Looks so delicious! Thank you for bringing awareness to helping the people of Ukraine! Hopefully peace will be soon!

  10. What a wonderful recipe. Along with lot’s of prayers for the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏

  11. This reminds me of my mothers baking. I long for my mothers fresh pampushki. I love my borscht and will have to learn to make this. Next you could teach paska. This is Ukrainian Easter bread that is another favourite of mine.

  12. I haven’t bought supermarket bread in 3 years. We have been making our own various different breads, including bagels for 3 years now and have seen such a difference to our health, just with this one change. That bread looks incredible. I will definitely be giving this a go. Lee x

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