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In 2022, checked out the costal city of Porto– understood for its extravagant architecture, busy seafood markets, and spectacular port wine cellars. Come along with as he takes you on a jam-packed whistle stop trip of this gorgeous Portuguese city's cooking delights!

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Jamie in Porto |

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  1. Que bom que gostou da nossa cidade… será sempre bem-vindo… Mafalda Alves from Porto – Portugal

    1. Oi Mafalda, eu sou Brasileiro e adorei esse video! Adoro o Porto tbem!!

  2. Fish in Portugal is fantastic and is cooked in the simplest way, with just salt, charcoal and olive oil on the plate. So good

    1. What do you mean olive oil? I am Portuguese and almost never put olive oil in fish. Many fishes are oily enough, they can´t be overcooked though. Salt is enough

  3. Porto is a fantastic place the people are soo friendly what’s not to like 😊

  4. Sou Acoreana mas acima de tudo Portuguesa, ainda bem que gostaste da comida Portuguesa, nao conheco o Porto so Lisboa, espero um dia la ir, obrigada pela preferencia!❤❤

  5. Finnaly Jamie took some time to know a little bit of our amazing food. And he only tried a small bit.

  6. I am so upset I did not know this was coming… I live in Porto and would of loved to recommend some top spots for local dishes!!! Cheers and glad you liked my adopted city!!! ☺ ☺ Also, The Majestic Cafe is a treasure inside and out and is one of the oldest coffee shops in the country. I have only been once but fell in 😍 😍
    Edited: I watched almost all the way through and thought you might be forgetting about the Francesinha but then ya got there =) I am not a big fan of this heartstopper but I KNOW most Portuense ADORE this dish!!!

    1. Give me some advise please! I love Porto and I a´m thankful for every hint!

  7. That was great Jamie…my favourite old school Jamie out on the road,nailing a different culture once again, now i will be looking out for some inspired recipies that you have absorbed… take care mate! been a fan since day 1

  8. En plus de son talent culinaire, sa simplicité, ce que j aime c est son ouverture d esprit vers les autres cultures. ..
    Magnifique Porto🙏🙋🌈

  9. Man, we need more videos like this! I’ve been to Lisbon, but haven’t made it to Porto yet. It’s high on my list!

  10. Love it!! Jamie, thank you for sharing. Blessings to each of your loving family.

    1. Jamie, and thank you for sharing love with the cooking. It is the best seasoning for a dish.

      Proverbs 15:17 (KJ21): Better is a dinner of herbs where love is.


  11. I love watching your videos Jamie!! You are awesome! I love your passion for food!

  12. Enjoy Jamie 😉
    As a natural of the city, I’d say you did an amazing job on a short story 💪
    I’ll be using your “review” for recommendations 😎

  13. Porto é a mais bela de todas em Portugal! E a comida? A melhor ❤ saudades da terra natal de minha família ❤

  14. Antonio wins the award for the most bubbly and endearing shop owner I’ve ever witnessed! LOVE him 🤗

  15. Living in the UK for 13 years you made me miss the flavours of my country 😅 Thank you @jamieolivier

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