Is Gordon Ramsay The HORRIBLE JERK She Thinks He Is? | Kitchen Nightmares | Gordon Ramsay

"None of you have actually seen me go bananas yet!"

Season 3, Episode 9

sees Anna Vincenzo's, an Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. Owner CeCe opened the dining establishment with the help of her father in 2001. Things were working out up until two years ago when the business started to slow down and CeCe is puzzled about what went wrong. tries to rescue the stopping working company but is surprised to find CeCe has actually lost her way in the kitchen.

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Is Gordon The HORRIBLE JERK She Thinks He Is?| area Nightmares|Gordon Ramsay

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Is Gordon Ramsay The HORRIBLE JERK She Thinks He Is? | | Gordon Ramsay

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  1. I wonder how many times the channel runners can get away with reuploading the same episodes with different titles

    1. Infinite times considering people have very short memories…. Yeah fluoride 😳

    2. “is this episode fresh”
      “It is, yes”
      “Can you go and check”

      “Hey, channel, this episode’s fresh isn’t it?”
      “Made it six months ago.”

      “Sorry viewer, channel said it was made six months ago.”
      “That’s disappointing.”

    1. The more rough you act, the better chance you have to get rich while being considered as a “hot shot” by idiots.

    2. ​@@Zedisdeadbaby666there’s a difference between being assertive and being unstable/obnoxious

  2. Hey Gordon thanks for reposting these I find myself watching them every because I can’t conveniently find them anywhere so thanks this one was funny but I’m glad it got fixed

  3. I remember cici looked like she saw herself in him and then got angry over it, because she realized she wouldn’t even be able to handle herself. It was kinda sad

  4. This show is the very definition of comfort food. Unlike most of what these people serve to him 😂

  5. Damn, 300k? Nowadays that’d be hardly enough to open a food truck.

  6. Cici divorced her husband, lost weight, and the restaurant closed. It’s all on the updated episode that Gordon did on this restaurant.

    1. It’s somewhere on YouTube, so sorry, I can’t find it at the moment. It should be the last episode of season 3 , where Gordon visits 3 restaurants a year after Gordon helped them.

  7. I’m so glad that Cici got away from this nightmare. She became a beautiful person again. 🥰

  8. GO GET THEM GORDON!!! Yeah that snapper was mouchchhh. My monitor screen almost melted.

  9. People failing their Restaurant: *calls Gordon for help*
    Also people: *gets offended he’s here and throws a tantrum*

    1. that’s the #1 mystery of KN imo. Makes sense when a family member calls him in but the others, idk

  10. “I’ve got a weight on my shoulders that’s a thousand pounds”
    No, that’s called your ankles. You got a thousand pounds on your ankles

  11. She is an over grown child. What do you think her own child is going to think when they see this

  12. Gordon’s integrity is like a sledgehammer against the wall of ego. He doesn’t have infinite patience, but he does have it in abundance.

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