Ian Wright Cooks Off Against Gordon Ramsay | The F Word FULL EPISODE

Ian Wright takes up on his F Word obstacle!

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Ian Wright Cooks Off Against Gordon | FULL EPISODE

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  1. To Everyone who sees this comment:
    Keep pushing in life and just never give up!
    You are a wonderful person, you can achieve everything you want, God may bless you.🥰🥰🥰

  2. I love his recipes and videos and I still use them. But you can Archive this content in a Playlist. And create new content

    Or make clip from his current and new shows (to market them and make people want to go watch the full episode on the tv)

    Or do anything that’s new, with or without him if he’s busy

  3. The raw red onion is a staple in Argentine cuisine….smh Gordon you need to watch some Mark Wiens

  4. I’m a non-Futbol watcher, and I know Ian is like an amazing baller, I’ve only seen him in the video where he reunited with his old Teacher (or coach) and now seeing him here is beautiful.

  5. 😘🦢🦢🦢snow goose🦢 a wonderful experience in Canada 🇨🇦Quebec🍗get back Gordon 🍽🌹

  6. I like right next door to Santa Maria del Sur, and I must say its the best steak in London. Highly recommend!

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