How to Make German Potato Salad | Get Cookin’ |

Including buttery tender potatoes and crispy bacon tossed in an appetizing vinaigrette, German salad is a next-level side meal that varies quite a bit from its American counterpart. Put the mayo aside for this dish and choose a special gravy-meets-salad-dressing that sets this dish apart from the rest. With a few simple ingredients, German salad delivers a burst of flavor that will be a hit at every summer season picnic and barbecue. Plus, it can be served at any temperature, so no requirement to haul the cooler around!

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0:00 Introduction
0:06 Prep Potatoes
0:53 Bacon
1:27 Make Vinaigrette
2:11 Combine Components
2:52 Taste Test

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Make German Potato Salad|Get Cookin'|

How to Make German Potato Salad | Get Cookin’ |

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  2. Perfect recipe for the weekend!! It’s not even summer yet and I was already getting tired of the “mayo based potato salad “. Already have all the ingredients so this will be terrific with our Father’s Day cookout. Thanks so much, Nicole, have a great weekend! 😘

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  4. Perfekt , it’s look so good , i m living in Germany, and here are so much Several receips to make potato salat, some make it with mayonaise, other with vinegret 😊👍wish you a Nice weekend ..🌞

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  7. これはどんな料理にも組み合わせ良さそうだね〜‼️✨

  8. Looks so good. I can do this. Gold and red potatoes are my cup of tea. ✔👍

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  10. Emeğine yüreğine sağlık süper 💯💯💯💯😊💯💯💯💯…

  11. Love,love,love German potato salad as I’m not a mayo fan.My friend would make it,but instead of sugar in the dressing she used apple juice.Delicious!Yours looks good too!

  12. So… a German friend of mine gave me some information about this:
    “First, the distinction that we use vinegar is questionable, we use both, mayo or vinegar (there are about as many potato salad recipes as there are grandma’s teaching them) Over here, potatoes are graded Festkochend (waxy) used in bratkartoffeln, gratin or salad, Vorwiegend festkochend (prevailing waxy) bratkartoffeln, soups, pellkartoffeln (peeled potatoes), Mehligkochend (floury) used in soups or mashed potatoes. You can throw in bacon (we usually do not) but more common is Dörrfleisch (dried meat/jerky) in cubes, made from belly of pork, so it is kind of bacon, but in cubes
    Basically it boils down to, with or without meat, and the most holy division, mayo or oil&vinegar…
    One very interesting variant uses pumpkin seed oil (mainly from Austria, but any will do) its dark color gives the salad an almost olive hue and it looks a bit like already eaten and returned…. but tastes very very good”

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