How To Cook The Perfect Pasta | Gordon Ramsay

Top suggestions on how to prepare angel hair – with concepts that you can use to preparing any shape. If you have any others, let us understand – always keen to discover.

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Cook The Perfect | Gordon Ramsay

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    1. I was told by my family to only have a tablespoon of the type of whisky they had if only it was his tablespoon i would have been off to the moon lol.

    1. @おにきすからす Try wrapping less strands around your fork, or just biting the mouthfuls off halfway through each strand

    2. @dxnielastbury these people don’t know anything lol, you’re absolutely correct, absolutely no oil in the pasta!

    1. Americans have a common misconception that Italians do this, so even though everyone here holds this misconception it is always offered as a pearl of wisdom LOL “do it like the italians” and then proceed to scree it up just like a typical American.

    2. @OOF being an nfl player doesn’t make you better at football then people who aren’t in the nfl. Most of the time when people dedicate their life to a profession it does mean they’re better than most average people. I will say though Gordon probably isn’t as good at making Italian foods then other Italian chefs. Nor is he the best chef he’s just the most famous chef due to his show. Although he is one of the best as he does have 7 Michelin Stars for his restaurants and has had a total of 13 in total, but this could also be attributed to his fame as like I’ve said he’s rich and famous thus able to open more restaurants

  1. This is why I like Gordon Ramsay’s videos. Short, simple, and no long unnecessary intros

  2. Dear Mr. Ramsay,
    Thank you for your Cooking Shows for your Laughs, Wholesomeness, and Amazing Burns! You have made my Days every Episode! I am very Grateful!

  3. Thank you Sir. I’ve always struggled with having my pasta at the right texture. My pasta was sticky at best. Today I made a excellent pasta meal due to your method of using Olive oil, and I also improved my pasta sauce by adding chopped onions, red bell peppers, and my personal favorite, breakfast sausage links (sliced). Maybe next time I will try to make my own pasta sauce from scratch.
    Thanks again.

    1. Wrong. You don’t put oil in the water. Only salt. Go watch Italian chefs making pasta not a Scot.

  4. For my fellow students, to avoid waisting oil every time you can just stear every 3 min
    And to make it quicker add the salt after the water boils 🙂

    1. @alkdjfhgks because you don’t need oil to cook pasta. 1L of water for each 100g of pasta and should work fine. The oil will do nothing to the pasta aside from floating on the surface. Science class teach us this…

      And also cook for -2 min from what the package says.

    2. Just follow Gordon Ramsay ‘s tips and don’t act as if you cook better than him ! He is one of the best chefs in the world wether you like it or not ! Watch and learn !

    3. @sylas yufayyur But he is wrong on this video. That´s the problem… Also the grilled cheese recipe from the other video is awful too.

    4. @Ace I’m gonna dismiss Gorden Ramsay ‘s tips and listen to you ? Who are you ? Are you a well known chef ? Are you among the best chefs in the world ? If you aren’t , watch and learn and don’t act like a know it all !

    1. @Charmbracelet era 2003 were the fucking lamb sauce you freaking donut

  5. Thank you Gordon Ramsey for this tutorial it went perfectly perfect to surprise your family with

  6. Gordon Ramsay is the reason I love spaghetti now.
    As a young girl I hated spaghetti even though I hadn’t tried it.

    My dad one day made perfect spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat.
    I took a bite.
    It tasted like heaven.
    I instantly began to eat at it.

    This is why you try new things!
    You never know that some things can taste so wonderful!

    1. Thank you for saying this!! I’m so glad someone did. I was gonna but I guess I just didn’t. ☹️

    2. Ayy, a wild Noxious sighting!

      Also, did the crunchy salt garnish at the end not give you way more anxiety?? 😂

    1. @Tyler Hacker I wasn’t talking to you either? Ur not even apart of this, it’s only me and davmatt

    2. @Sweeney Todd the box that the pasta is in when you buy it from the store.

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