Gordon’s SECRET Special Guests! | Food Stars | Gordon Ramsay

MrBeast wrecked from the they provided him!

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Gordon's SECRET Special Guests! | Food Stars | Gordon Ramsay

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  1. Mr Beast is so big that he gets invited alongside CEOs and Michelin star chefs.

    1. Its crazy how life works. Hes 25 as am I, hes extremely successful and rich.
      Im a broke failure who can’t seem to even get an interview for starter jobs 🙂

  2. This is Gordon Ramsay at his finest TV show whose hungry here these guys are taste testing the meals on this show

  3. Orders a drink that isnt on the menu and then complains about a 5 minute wait…

  4. Mr. Beast, the psuedo philanthropist, gives off some creepy vibes but I dont expect his demographic of kids to have the discernment to see it.

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