Gordon’s Best Moments In Vietnam | Part Two| Gordon’s Great Escape

Even more of 's best moments as he circumnavigates !

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Gordon's Best Moments In Vietnam | Part Two| Gordon's Great Escape

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  1. Thanks you chef for exploring the whole good food around global 🇱🇰❤️lovefromsrilanka

  2. I’m going to Vietnam in a few weeks and can’t wait to learn more about the traditional the serve there in person.

    1. You can find most of these food in Ha Noi or HCM City, taste almost identical to how they’re served in areas in the video.

  3. Merci pour le partage de ces bons moments au Vietnam vous êtes le meilleur chef Gordon Ramsay 🔥

  4. Thanks for this amazing adventure, you remain me to my last trip to Vietnam, the food there was so amazing

  5. I enjoy Gordon the student more than Gordon the teacher. Passion is pure.

  6. I love that humble passion of you Gordon this honesty is mindbusting 🙏

  7. Such an incredible video, it is really amazing how different lives are out there in all countries and each professions.

  8. nice to see him being humble and respectful and not taking himself too seriously. i enjoyed this short video but wanted to know more about the ingredients, especially the broth.

  9. Vietnam cuisine is amazing to say the least. Unimaginable is the work ethics and culture.

    Eat Vietnamese cuisine and partake in the culture 🙏

  10. welcome gordon to Vietnam my hometown. See you again, Vietnamese cuisine is always rich
    love your personality

  11. Travelled through Vietnam and Cambodia. Best food ever. Love Luke, an Aussie star. As are you Gordon 😆

  12. The way he sang “ Hủ tiếu, bún riêu”…😂 so adorable 🥰

  13. *Vietnamese cuisine still has a lot of extremely delicious dishes, hope the chef continues to come back to discover the cuisine here*

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