Gordon Ramsay’s Pad Thai Get’s Roasted | The F Word FULL EPISODE

The notorious minute where Ramsays gets his pad thai roasted.

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  1. Good episode thank you Gordon Ramsay for this nice sharing❤👍

  2. Good episode looks delicious food thanks for sharing this video with us

  3. This is such a fun episode.

    I’d love to see more of his episodes he shot in Asia. 🙏

  4. I am loving this episode! Loved watching the competition and getting a glimpse into the life of monks in the Thai culture.

  5. I like it how he knew it wasn’t pad thai but waited until Chef Ramsay finish before telling him 😆

  6. To Everyone who sees this comment:
    Keep pushing in life and just never give up!
    You are a wonderful person, you can achieve everything you want, God may bless you.🥰🥰🥰

  7. I know Gordon was joking but it was funny that he called the other chef a tough cookie.

  8. You can see the passion and fun Gordon Ramsay has not only in the main competition but also in his own little competition section. While rounding it all up with him introducing us to his small cooking journey. Absolutely lovely and I have so much respect for him

  9. They are both winners everything looked delicious. I’m watching this eating a pot noddle

  10. I was rooting for Patria from the beginning. I enjoyed this episode so much that I didn’t bother to skip to the end to find out who won.

  11. Anyone else want to slap the guy who complained about his Thai fish cakes being too spicy?

  12. Favorite Thai dishes? I love laab, gang keow wan gai, panang neyur, a crispy tamarind fish dish, tom yum kung, and tad mun. Of course gotta love pad thai as well! (I’ve seen lots of varied spellings and went with my best effort here haha.)

  13. 15:38 haha “what do u want to know from me” we need a emoji of that expression

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