Gordon Ramsay Selects The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich (Ft H Woo)

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It's a fried chicken showdown today on Idiot Sandwich. Which design of sandwich will Ramsay select as his favourite? It depends on creator H Woo, Esmeralda and Lindsay to prove it to him. May the best chicken win!

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Gordon Ramsay Selects The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich (Feet H Woo).

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Gordon Ramsay Selects The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich (Ft H Woo)

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  1. 😆 she said gordon handling her food makes here feel funny down there 😆

  2. Ramsey should bring all the winner in a playoffs bracket something like that . There should be only one winner

  3. “Dont shout acid to loud Here h, Its a different Thing in Vegas” is crazy

  4. I am watching this after the dentist and can’t chew on one side. Now they triggered my hunger! Thanks lol. 😂

  5. South east asian flavour is the bomb. so glad hwoo did one (he’s amazing)

  6. “Every night it’s the f*****g chicken! Holy God Almighty! Is it possible just once we could get something to eat for dinner around here that’s not the goddamned f*****g chicken?”

    -Grandpa, Little Miss Sunshine 😂

  7. I seriously love seeing this kind of content from Gordon. I grew up knowing him as the screaming, raging jerk from Hell’s Kitchen, so it’s refreshing to see this completely opposite side of him.

  8. Chef Ramsay is thrilling and I like his accent, confident, energetic

  9. This mini series is awesome! I love it! I look forward to each new video! Thank you, Gordon.

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