Gordon Ramsay Finds Out Why Goose Barnacle Are So Expensive | The F Word FULL EPISODE

heads to Spain to learn why Goose barnacle cost nearly 3 times the quantity of lobster.

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Finds Out Why Goose Barnacle Are So Expensive | FULL EPISODE

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    1. Me too! But put “want to” imbetween I and fucking and take away the ing from fucking and take away love

  1. Can we all agree that these videos never fail to disappoint us💫❤️

    1. What are you saying you commented this when the video barely came out you didn’t even finish it💀💀💀

    2. Been on the Ramsay perpetual looping machine for a decade now lol! Cheers from Halifax, Canada 🙂

  2. I love his recipes and videos and I still use them. But you can Archive this old content in a Playlist. And create new content

    Or make clip from his current and new shows (to market them and make people want to go watch the full episode on the tv)

    Or do anything that’s new, with or without him if he’s busy

  3. Gordon: I reckon it’s her that’s gonna get stuffed 👀
    Kelly: oh really? 😃

  4. Most impressive part of this to me were the guys collecting the gooseneck barnacles and he was wearing converse, those are two different breed of men😂

  5. Imagine if they suddenly ended the episode at the cliff part and just said: “Gordon Ramsay has died, shows over”

  6. To Everyone who sees this comment:
    Keep pushing in life and just never give up!
    You are a wonderful person, you can achieve everything you want, God may bless you.🥰🥰🥰

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