Gennaro’s Perfect Pea Pasta

It's that time again! Gennaro's here with a tasty pea conchiglie pasta with panfried pancetta and topped with a fine Parmesan grating, you can nearly smell the completed dish through the screen! Keep watching for a masterclass in cooking – and humour – from the one and only.

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Gennaro's Perfect Pea Pasta

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  1. Great to see you back, Gennaro! Lovely recipe and lots of chuckles watching it!

  2. Centuries from now, historians will still be trying to determine why Gennaro was, in fact, cooking so good

  3. This looks great! I have all the ingredients too. Thanks, Genaro🌸❣️

  4. I adore watching Gennaro converse with his conchiglie, he is the one of the most genuine souls on this platform 💞

  5. I want that kitchen. Also, the dish Gennaro cooked. He is always cooking so good!

  6. Even you chop the onion wrongly, we still love you and your cooking is still so Good 👍

  7. everything you cook is gold G…thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge with us.
    hopefully, your training master cooks for your army of cooks to feed the world…

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