Gennaro’s Mushroom Polenta

Gennaro's here and he's brought all of us a reward … polenta with a mushroom ragù! In his timeless rustic style, Gennaro reveals all of us the tips and techniques you require to construct an abundant, creamy ragù sauce. All that on a base of soft polenta and it couldn't be simpler, buon appetito!

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Gennaro's Mushroom Polenta

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  1. Always enjoy watching Gennaro’s videos, this was delightful. 💙💜💚

  2. Herr Contaldo sie sind einfach großartig!!!!!!
    Es ist eine Freude ihre Videos zu verfolgen!!!!!
    Einer meiner größten Wünsche wäre sie mal live zu erleben!!!! Ich find sie einfach klasse 👍

    1. @Peppermint&Mocha guter Koch in meinen Augen aber ich werde nicht so warm mit ihm!!!
      Aber wie gesagt kochen kann er!

  3. Please, every sunday i want to see Gennaro. He’s the best cure on hangover sundays, like a cure for soul and body.

  4. I wish I could shake Gennaro’s hand and thank him for his lovely recipes and gentle, laid back, no panic teaching. Best of all, the recipes are simple, delicious, comfort food suppers I can make for my family without having to go to kingdom come for exotic ingredients.

  5. I love italian food, and I very much like Gennaro. He is such a good cook, and seems like a wonderful person. I love his passion for good and simple italian food.

  6. “if you are a vegetarian – NO panic, no panic ! ” so hilarious ! Gennaro is a Master cook with great charm and skills, i always have a lot of laughings watching his great cooking with a little comedy, I love his personality 😂🥰and cooking delish recipes Top ! ✌😋

  7. Thank you Sir, for all of your efforts to educate us about what REAL food is. By the way, your kitchen is amazing!

  8. Love the out takes and the dish looks delicious. I’m saving this one to my play list .

  9. I love watching him. He makes my day. Looks delicious I will definitely give it a try. Thank you so much.

  10. I love watching this man. He reminds me of my great grandpa. I miss him every day. Thanks for sharing.

  11. If I ever write a book about kitchen and wizardry, I’ll definitely base the main character on Gennaro.

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