Garlic Peeling Made Easy! #Shorts

#GordonRamsay # #Shorts

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Garlic Peeling Made Easy! #Shorts

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  1. It’s no coincidence you can spell God with the letters in his first name 😂

  2. I tried the bowl trick with a full garlic but when I separated the bowls the garlic had turned into an onion 😔

  3. Hey Gordon Ramsay I’m curious how much does it cost for one single meal from you

    1. You can check his restaurants menu but I doubt he actually works in them.

  4. This is essential, waiting for this for such a long time. Please cook Vietnamese food. Phở, and Vietnamese sandwich bánh mì is alright to me, it is very easy to use your garlic peeling method 🙂

  5. Thanx gordi now every time my mom ask me to peel the garlic I can flex my new learned skills

  6. Gordon ramsay if u know about milo then add 2 cups of milk power or 1 and add 3 cups of milo then add sugar (i hope i don’t fail ._.)

  7. I like keeping the clove uncrushed so you can simply cut the clove in half and then cut the root end. It comes right out of the peel and now it’s easier to chop/dice/slice/mince

  8. Isn’t that the side of the knife? Your really gonna do yourself a mischief if you use the back.

  9. I have tried both of the tricks and it works. After using the trick, the garlic peels off way easier than it would usually had.

  10. I been on this a little bit before I start watching you, sure to be a coincidence

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